Constitution of the Vietnamese American Student Association




Associated Student of Pasadena City College

Constitution of the Vietnamese American Student Association
















We, the Vietnamese American Student Association (VASA), as students of Pasadena City College, in order to assist Vietnamese students academically, perform community service for Pasadena City College and the community, and promote Vietnamese culture, do hereby adopt this Constitution and assume the powers and responsibilities of self-government delegated to us by the Executive Board of the Associated Students, the President of the Pasadena City College, and the Board of Trustees of the Pasadena Area Community College District.



Section 1 – The club shall be known as the Vietnamese American Student Association


Section 2 – The shortened name of the club shall be referred to as VASA




Section 1 – Work to help Vietnamese students to perform well academically through organizing peer mentor, study groups, etc.


Section 2 - Promote Vietnamese culture through organizing social events that celebrate Vietnamese art, games, music, etc.


Section 3 - Perform community service to help better both Pasadena City College and the community at large




Section 1 - This club shall be a non-profit and non-union organization whose members shall have the right to govern and control its activities through its duly elected officers and faculty advisor(s).


Section 2 - Roberts Rules of Order, most recently revised, shall be the parliamentary authority for all matters of procedures of this club, not otherwise covered by this Constitution.


Section 3 - This club shall conform to all the policies and regulations established for the supervision of all chartered student organizations at Pasadena City College.




Section 1 - Any student currently enrolled at Pasadena City College is eligible for membership.


Section 2 - Every potential member should fill out an online application at


Section 3 - Membership Qualification

A. Minimum of 15 of total community service hours

B. Minimum of 5 club hours

C. Attend at least 6 club meetings



            Section 1 - General Meetings

A. General meetings of the club shall be held on the campus every Thursday at 12pm at the location assigned by the PCC campus faculties

B. There must be public notice of club meetings on the club board at least five school days in advance.

C. Member’s attendance at the meetings shall be recorded by the club Secretary

D. Each member can only be tardy up to 15 minutes, or else forfeits their Club hour.

E. Each member can leave up to 10 minutes early up to 3 times per semester.

F. Club members that have time conflict with general meetings for the entire semester shall turn in a proof of time conflict to the Secretary.

G. The President shall be responsible for organizing an agenda for each general meeting.

Section 2 - Board meetings

A. All board members must attend weekly meeting every Tuesday at 12pm at the location assigned by PCC campus faculties.

B. Board members shall contact the President with topics they wish to discuss at least 24 hours before each board meeting.

C. All board meetings shall be opened to the public

D. The President is responsible for organizing an agenda for each Board meeting.

E. Officers who can’t attend an Executive Board meeting will forfeit their vote for decisions made during that meeting

E. Minutes and attendance shall be recorded by the club’s Secretary

Section 3 – Emergency Meeting

  1. Emergency meetings shall be called to order by the president if required
  2. All board members are required to attend the emergency meeting
  3. Board members(s) who is unable to attend the meeting must have a proof of time conflict turned in to the President prior to the meeting time



Section 1 - The Executive Board will consist of the following Officer positions: President, Internal Vice President, External Vice President, Inter-Club Council Representative, Webmaster, Secretary, and Treasurer

A. The Executive Board shall have a weekly meeting on Tuesday at 12pm at the location assigned by the PCC campus facilities

B. The Executive Board of VASA will be elected annually by an election of the general membership during the 13th week of the Spring semester unless the PCC campus is closed

C. Officers shall be elected for a term of one year.

D. An individual may serve as board member for a maximum of two years.

E. The president may nominate appointments to fill a vacant position when the need arises

            Section 2 – Duties of officers

  1. A.    President – Oversee entire club activities. Work closely with the club advisor(s). Communicate with PCC and other organizations. Responsible for all issues involving VASA. Assign tasks to officers, and make sure the club follows the Constitution.
  2. B.     Internal Vice President – Assume duties of President if the President is absent. Coordinate community service events on and off campus. Increase campus awareness toward VASA.
  3. C.    External Vice President – Assume duties of President if the President and Internal Vice President are absent. Create attraction towards scholarship sponsors and monetary donations. Coordinate fundraising and social events on and off campus.
  4. D.    Treasurer - Prepare cashbox and receipts for all events that involve funding. Document VASA deposits and pay bills on time. Receive and return letters of donation. Make a financial report at the request of the board.
  5. E.     Secretary – Process membership application. Keep track of membership status. Keep record of members’ service hours and attendance. Take minutes at every board meeting. Provide the board information about award statuses. Compose documents on behave of the office.
  6. F.     Webmaster – Maintain and update VASA’s website. Keep the club technologically current. Promote activities and campus events online. Upholding e-mail security. Maintain e-mail list of all members, and send e-mails when necessary. Ensure all technology is functional. Make online announcements regarding VASA events, and other online announcements at the request of the board.
  7. G.    Internal Club Council Representative – Attend all ICC meetings. Notice the President whenever unable to attend an ICC meeting. Become familiar to club rules and notice student affair issues. Assist the President in applying for ICC funding. Keep track of Activity Request Forms, and notice VASA about campus activities. Request for ICC funding on behalf of VASA.


Section 1 – The VASA officers must be currently enrolled, have a minimum of 2.0 cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA), must maintain nine units for the semester they assume and hold office, and must not be on academic probation


Section 2 – Minimum requirement of officers:


  1. Meet the minimum requirement of membership by the day of election (See Article 4)


  1. Prepare and give a presentation during election day


Section 3 – VASA elections will be held annually on the 14th week of spring semester. Any change of election date and time must be notified to the public one week in advance


Section 4 – The election will be done by anonymous ballot by the general membership of VASA


Section 5 – All members who qualified for membership requirements are allowed to vote (See Article 4)


Section 6 – Ballots will be counted secretly by President and the Advisor


Section 7 – Election of President


  1. Only previous or current VASA Board of officer can run for the position of President


  1. A member can hold the position of President for the maximum of one term


Section 8 – All positions are determined by popular vote




Section 1 – All elected officers and club members may be subjected to impeachment and removal by the two-third majority vote of the board


Section 2 – Grounds for impeachment are continuous meeting absences, tardy, negligence of duties, academic probation, and violating the ethical character and tenets of the club


Section 3 – Any officer vacancies after an impeachment shall be filled by an election of the general membership held within two weeks. Elected member will fill the position for the remainder of the term


Section 4 – In case of vacancy, the president can nominate a potential member to fill the position temporally until an official election is held by the executive board




Section 1 – An advisor must be present at all club functions, including general club meetings, executive board meetings, and any events sponsored by or attended by members of VASA.


Section 2 – The Primary Advisor must be a Full-Time Faculty member of Pasadena City College.


Section 3 – Advisor(s) must act in the spirit and intent of the Pasadena City College Code of Conduct, PCC District Policies and Procedures, The California Education Bylaws, the Ralph M. Brown Act, and all other applicable laws and regulations.



Section 1 – Awards will be announced accordingly to the amount of fund raised throughout the year


Section 2 – All VASA members that complete the minimum for membership requirement (See Article 4) will be given a certificate recognizing their effort each semester




Section 1 – Two scholarships will be given per year to qualified members


Section 2 – All applicants must meet all the requirements in section 3 of this article by the time of submitting the application


Section 3 – Qualifications of scholarship:


  1. Minimum of 30 hours in total


  1. Attend total of 12 meetings




Section 1 – If a member wants to cancel a register event, cancelation must be submitted to the person in charge within 48 hours prior to the event


Section 2 – In an event that there is an emergency within 48 hours prior to the register event, there must be a proof of emergency submitted to the person in charge within 48 hours after the event


                                    ARTICLE 13 – REIMBURSEMENT


Section 1 – All receipts must be turned into the treasurer within 14 days after issued. Late receipts will not be counted toward the reimbursement unless providing an legiable excuse to the treasurer one week prior to the deadline.





Section 1 – This club accepts full financial responsibility for all activities that bear its name as official sponsor, and will adhere to college regulations. All publicity for an event must bear the name of VASA




Section 1 –Any club officer or club member does not have the right to incur any debt or become involved in any business under the title or by implying the title of a club in any way unless given full authority to do so by the board of officers





Section 1 – Any amendment change to this Constitution requires a two-thirds vote at the club board meeting and approved with a two-thirds vote at the general club meeting


Section 2- New potential amendments must be announced to all members at a general meeting. It goes to effect upon approval.